"...beautifully morose pop with catchy melodies and tight harmonies."  NPR All Songs Considered

"Pop songsmiths of the highest caliber, adept at crafting idea-packed tracks that are clever, catchy and wholly engaging."  The Bay Bridged

"20 Minute Loop is one of the more refreshing musical experiences I've had in months and months..."  Pitchfork (rating 8.5)

"Known for raucous live performances that preserve the composite brilliance of their recorded counterparts, 20ML loves to keep it simple, but feels so complex. Sounds like perfect pop – on repeat ad infinitum."  Performer Mag

"...a ridiculously fantastic mash-up of pop hooks, slide guitar riffs, and dueling boy/girl vocals that either intertwine perfectly or clash magnificently. Yawn + House  = Explosion is the most absurdly addictive angst-pop record to emerge from the Bay Area in years..."  East Bay Express ("Catchiest Rock Band" - Best of the East Bay 2005)

"20 Minute Loop have made absolute leaps and bounds since their sophomore release back in 2001... heck, that album, Decline of Day, was already pretty damn good! For one thing they've polished their boy / girl vocals to an utter golden honeyed glow and lushed up the whole 20ML picture. Just check out the second song "Cora May"! A terrific pop tune! Indeed, this album does much to define their own sound from those who've influenced the band which in the past were much more apparent -- namely Throwing Muses and Breeders. Really, Yawn + House = Explosion should garner the band total 'college radio darling' status! Yay!" Aquarius Records

"Their latest release "Yawn + House = Explosion" is a lyrically-charged indie explosion that you’ll love so much you’ll feel perverted. Altogether though, 20 Minute Loop demand many an adjective to properly describe their brand of "freak pop," many more than I could use. The only way to feel every description is to listen to "Yawn + House = Explosion" for yourself, and let your mind wander. Fall into their loop." Sputnikmusic

"...its raw vocal exchanges, emotional lyrics, and off-kilter guitar and organ riffs strike a deep chord."  SF Weekly

"Greg Giles is a magnificently off-kilter songwriter, both musically and lyrically; he traffics in abrupt shifts, enigmatic abstractions and observational snapshots. Like Stephen Malkmus, he is a peculiar spokesman for an endlessly curious world, one who prods listeners to bust out of their tired indie-rock complacency.  And then there’s Kelly Atkins. The specters of death and lost love skulk around in her songs and, fittingly, she can sing as though her life hangs in the balance. There¹s a soothing sweetness to her harmonies, making it all the more powerful when she unleashes and wails. Clearly, the definitive piece of 20 Minute Loop’s sound is the interplay between Giles and Atkins. While sharing lead vocals across gender lines has become commonplace, it¹s rare for the voices to be both so complementary and so idiosyncratic. Despite some weighty subject matter, these are never ponderous songs. In fact, the band has never sounded so accessible."  Artists Direct

"The band's third full-length album...is a monster of a record. It spent the better part of a year incubating in the band's bedrooms, garages and cars. It's rare to see a band at this level take its time with the recording process, rarer still to hear a record end up this congruous and fully realized."  SF Station  

"20 Minute Loop manages to incorporate this rock and roll indulgence while still retaining the kind of surefire pop smarts that other straightforward power-pop bands could envy. The singing combination of Giles and Atkins provides the melodic base for the band’s assault. Giles’s understated whining is aptly complemented by Atkins’s booming voice...Atkins, in particular, has a voice that combines the breezy joy of the Sundays with the ferocious power of Neko Case."  PopMatters

"Magnetically drawing the sold-out crowd to the stage, 20 Minute Loop's Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins melted their voices together into sugary-sweet harmonies. The band put on a tight and vibrant performance, sounding impressively dead on with their recorded work."  Live Review - Performer Mag

"On Yawn + House = Explosion, 20 Minute Loop establish themselves as something of a triple threat, a band that knows how to create memorable pop hooks, gripping instrumental breaks, and intriguing lyrics."  PopMatters

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